The Infinite Potato Complex, in the simplest terms, is a game about shooting potatoes at evil robots. We made it in a week for the itch.io Potato Salad Jam and loved it so much we want to take it further.

At the moment, this game has a lot of potential, and we want to harness that in order to create the ultimate potato-based action game of all time!

The game in its current form is available for download here, which offers a sort of 'proof of concept'. When playing this; however, do bear in mind this is pre-alpha gameplay and is not even close to what we have in store for the final game.

The Plan

Before we can achieve our final goal of creating the ultimate potato-based action game, we want to make sure there's definitely a market for such a thing (bearing in mind we'll have to devote a year and a half's worth of development to it).

So, rather than just jumping straight in, or trying to pressure people into buying a dreadful alpha and then cancelling development, we thought it would be a much better idea to try and crowdfund the game and see where that took us.

Basically then, the plan is to put together a second proof of comcept, for some of the features the final game will offer, whilst putting together a Kickstarter campaign. Then, hopefully, we can release the first early access builds early next year and eventually see the game on the Humble Store, as we did with KAPUT.

The Concept

All of the ideas we have for the game couldn't possibly all be described here however, our main plan is as follows:

  • More potatoes (elemental and GM ones too)
  • More enemies
  • More levels
  • Story mode
  • Multiplayer co-op
  • Boss battles!
  • Arena mode!
  • Unlockables and achievments
  • Online content
  • Vertical gameplay (Ooooooh)
So if any of this stuff appeals to you, we recommend you go check out the game in its current and check out the Industrial Games blog ready for when the Kickstarter goes live.