Super Catboy's Halloween Dash

Halloween 2016

Help Catboy collect sweets and dodge creeps! Use the space bar to jump around and collect as many sweets as possible. This game was made in a single night so there may be some V-sync issues; however, it's still really fun to play and insanely addicitve. You can get hold of the game on, so be sure to check it out. New features may be coming soon...

Planet God

Ludum dare 34

Using just the two left and right arrow keys, control the weather on your very own world in an attempt to create new life! Combine meteor showers with lightning and volcanic eruptions to nurture or destroy your randomly generated world as you choose... On this world, you are the god. Features music by Erandi Huipe. The original jam version can be found here.

Industrial Christmas

Christmas 2015

Just made this game out of the blue to celebrate christmas! Fun little arcade infinite runner, where you play as Santa trying to recover as many lost presents as you can in 30 seconds.

The Mad Lab of Dinosaur Destruction

Prototype Jam

This was our game for the prototype jam, a jam I launched. Due to a trip abroad; however, we only had three days to make it and therefore many bugs are included so do not be angry if it randomly crashes. Similar to Doodle Jump or Fall Down but with dinosaurs and screenshake!

The Infinite Potato Complex

Potato Salad Jam

The Infinite Potato Complex, in the simplest terms, is a game about shooting potatoes at evil robots. We made it in a week for the Potato Salad Jam and loved it so much we wanted to take it further. It now has its own web page but the link still takes you to the original download for the pre-alpha.


1GAM July 2014

Qbic is a cube based puzzle game with an aztec theme. Try and score as many points as possible by destroying blocks before they fill the screen. This game was developed and released the for 'One Game a Month' jam July 2014.


PDJ 2014

CAVERN is a proceduraly generated rogue-like labyrinth game. The idea is to get as far through the caverns as possible before you die. Plus you get to kill zombies - yay! This game was made for the PDJ 2014 and includes music by Erandi Huipe.

Sure I Can

Flappy Jam

This game was created for the 2014 Flappy Jam. Basically you be a ninja and do jumpy things. This game was created in approx. 4 hours, but is still pretty addictive.