10th February 2014

KAPUT is now available on the Humble Store! The decided price for the game in the end was $2.99 and you either purchase it at the KAPUT website or in the widget below

The support email for the game is support@industrial-games.net so if you have any questions, bug reports or issues with the game please send us an email regarding your issue. We would like to say a very large thank-you to the team at the Humble Store for helping us to get this game published.

Again, any YouTubers who would like to make a video about the game please do not hesitate to contact Nathan at doctor_n@industrial-games.net so that he can send you a free copy via the Humble Store if we think your channel is up to scratch.

A list of all people who have made videos of the game will be posted on our website and added to the game's credits.