7th September 2014

So its officially over, Summer fun has come to a close; however, it has left us with the big new project - the Infinite Potato Complex! This game’s intrinsically random nature and the sheer comedy of the title have so far attracted several 100 downloads and some very positive feedback. There have also been several videos about the game including our own trailer (seen below).

This game was inspired by Jan Willem Nijman’s talk on game feel and was built in just a week for the Potato Salad Jam! The game very quickly captured our imaginations and the imaginations of those around us and hence we have decided to take it further and begin work towards a Kickstarter. The game does now have its own page on the site which fully details our plans for what we're doing with it so be sure to have a read there if you're interested.

Also this Summer we took part in the Prototype Jam, which was in fact hosted by us. Four great games where submitted, not including a far more mediocre submission by ourselves. You can check those out here. Our submission (as seen in the picture) was named the Mad Lab of Dinosaur Destruction and has also received some good feedback; however, we are not going to develop the game and remove the many bugs as we need the spare time to develop our engine.

The news with regards to Industrial Works is that development is still going ahead. We are still fully fleshing out scripting elements and the entire project development plan so the entirety of Works so far mostly consists of scrappy paper and flow diagrams. Expect updates soon! We are also considering site updates so watch so for those also!