20th December 2015

Planet God Post Jam Version Now Available!

The post jam version of my Ludum Dare 34 game is now available on itch.io! Using just the two left and right arrow keys, control the weather on your very own world in an attempt to create new life! Combine meteor showers with lightning and volcanic eruptions to nurture or destroy your randomly generated world as you choose... On this world, you are the god. Features some wonderful music by Erandi Huipe. Use the widget below to download!

17th December 2015

Jams Page Relaunched

Far faster than expected, I've redesigned the Game Jams page and uploaded so now if you head here or go to the games page and click on Game Jams you should be redirected to the new page. The new page also has a link to my LD34 game: ‘Planet God’ and a little bit about it; however, I’m yet to finish the post jam version of the game so I’ll write a full article about it when thats done. Also we’ve set the date for the christmas jam to be either the 24th or 27th December with the possibility of it being both! Once I’ve sorted out my Twitch stream I’ll upload the details and do a couple of test streams for you guys. So yeah be sure to check out the new Jams page and enjoy Star Wars tomorrow!

16th December 2015


After six months of absolutely manic personal life I’ve finally got round to completing everything I promised in July. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve spent a lot of time redesigning the website and all of out logos which resulted in a complete rebranding! (If you hadn’t already noticed…) Anyway, I have temporarily removed the Jams page as I am yet to finish redesigning it however thankfully it should look a lot better.

I also had a chance to do a Ludum Dare compo! Although it wasn’t Ludlum Dare 33 as promised in July I did complete Ludum Dare 34 and it was awesome! However, I hated the sound design in the game I came out with so much I’m doing a post Jam version with some better sound (including music by the wonderful Erandi Huipe) which I’ll upload to the new Jam page in the next few days. However, if you want to play the version I uploaded to the compo it should be available here.

Finally, I am planning and organising another Christmas game jam in follow on from the one last year! Expect terrible games made in stupidly small amounts of time but also expect streams (which I will post details of closer to the event). The planned date is the 24th December so hopefully I’ll see you all then. Check back for updates about the relaunch of the Jam page! Merry Christmas everyone.

1st July 2015

The Artbook, Site Updates and the ... 'Plan'

Okay so I am fully aware that no games or news have appeared since Christmas; however, exams and things got in the way which prevented me from spending as much time making games and doing art. But fear not! We have recently decided to get back into game jamming and make as many games as possible in the coming months. Ludlum dare 33 is just round the corner and sounds like a pretty good place to start.

In the mean time expect site updates and lots of them! This site was founded back in the ancient histories of my web development skills and is starting to look a little outdated to me so some things will be getting changed in the next couple of weeks. Finally, I’ve finally got round to putting together a mini gallery section on the site for all sorts of random non-game-related pixel art on the site called “the Artbook” and if you head here you’ll be able to check it out. Better links will be coming soon in the new site updates though.

14th December 2014

An Industrial Christmas!

Christmas time is nearly here! To kick off the festivity at Industrial Games we've come out with a tiny arcade game called "An Industrial Christmas" made in just 7 hours. Remember we will also be streaming across the 48 hours of new year for the itch.io new year's game jam to celebrate our first anniversary, so be sure to check that out. We've also produced a time lapse video of the development of our Christmas game so you can see exactly how we do things. It goes a bit fast at times but I hope you enjoy :)

7th September 2014

Summer Fun!

So its officially over, Summer fun has come to a close; however, it has left us with the big new project - the Infinite Potato Complex! This game’s intrinsically random nature and the sheer comedy of the title have so far attracted several 100 downloads and some very positive feedback. There have also been several videos about the game including our own trailer (seen below).

This game was inspired by Jan Willem Nijman’s talk on game feel and was built in just a week for the Potato Salad Jam! The game very quickly captured our imaginations and the imaginations of those around us and hence we have decided to take it further and begin work towards a Kickstarter. The game does now have its own page on the site which fully details our plans for what we're doing with it so be sure to have a read there if you're interested.

Also this Summer we took part in the Prototype Jam, which was in fact hosted by us. Four great games where submitted, not including a far more mediocre submission by ourselves. You can check those out here. Our submission (as seen in the picture) was named the Mad Lab of Dinosaur Destruction and has also received some good feedback; however, we are not going to develop the game and remove the many bugs as we need the spare time to develop our engine.

The news with regards to Industrial Works is that development is still going ahead. We are still fully fleshing out scripting elements and the entire project development plan so the entirety of Works so far mostly consists of scrappy paper and flow diagrams. Expect updates soon! We are also considering site updates so watch so for those also!

21st July 2014


As a break from all of the development work we've put in for Industrial Works we decided to take part in this months 1GAM (one game a month). What we came up with was a puzzle game called Qbic - which basically all spurred from us seeing if we could make something appear to be rotating in three dimensions using only two. This went pretty well and quickly resulted in a fully fledged, but very annoying, puzzle game! There is a download widget below and the controls for the game are embedded on the start screen. Players score points by creating lines or squares of cubes with the same colour on the front face and destroying them. The longer the line the more points and better bonuses. You can also score combos by scoring multiple moves in a row. My high score is about 1500, which is pretty poor (as per usual), so see what you can do!

19th March 2014

Apologies, Zombies and PDJ 2014!

Hi all. First off I would just like to apologise for the lack of updates on the website recently as life has been a more prominent force than game development recently, however we do have a few cool things to share with you now. Recently we have been trying to rake part in a few game jams in order to hone in skills such as sticking to a plan (we're not very good at that). The game above is a game we developed for the procedural death jam. It basically just involves shooting zombies which everyone loves so it was pretty hard to go wrong. Pretty soon we will be setting up a page under this sites 'Games' page where you can see a list and download all of our jam games, which should be pretty cool. Here is a link to our PDJ game. And here is the full list of entries.

18th February 2014

Flappy Jam!

This week we took part in the Flappy Jam! this was a game jam hosted at itco.io and the idea was basically to create the hardest and most annoying game you could think of in order to pay homage to the great game that once was 'Flappy Bird'.

We created a basic ninja, jumping, action thing in which you run quickly and jump over spikes (only the little ones, the big ones are just there to distract you). Your score is based on how far you run and is shown on screen at the end of the game. The best we could get was 42... That's pretty shameful and therefore someone needs to put us in our place. If you would like to attempt this or just download the jam game to make us feel good about ourselves here is the widget:

10th February 2014

KAPUT Now Available on the Humble Store!

KAPUT is now available on the Humble Store! The decided price for the game in the end was $2.99 and you either purchase it at the KAPUT website or in the widget below

The support email for the game is support@industrial-games.net so if you have any questions, bug reports or issues with the game please send us an email regarding your issue. We would like to say a very large thank-you to the team at the Humble Store for helping us to get this game published.

Again, any YouTubers who would like to make a video about the game please do not hesitate to contact Nathan at doctor_n@industrial-games.net so that he can send you a free copy via the Humble Store if we think your channel is up to scratch.

A list of all people who have made videos of the game will be posted on our website and added to the game's credits.

11th January 2014

New Website!

Ok, so to kick off the new year we thought it would be a great idea to move out of the old blog and into an actual website. The look and feel will probably change a lot in the coming weeks and a lot of new pages/user specific content will be added. At the moment we haven't been able to get the Facebook and twitter integration working properly so you'll have to manually share and tweet stuff, but oh well. Happy new year from Industrial Games :)